• New features!

    We took care of a long term project, developing a unique system that allows you to earn money without effort. Using the latest types of protection, the implementation is the degree of protection of user accounts, making part safe.

  • Referral program!

    To attract the maximum number of users has been developed 7% referral program. Now you get a bonus for your deposits downstream partners - instantly!

  • Deposits and Withdraw!

    All operations in the project are made automatically and instantly! You do not need to wait for enrollment deposit or withraw for a long time - it instantly! The project uses two most popular payment system.


F. A. Q.

1. I want to contribute what I need to do?

To make a deposit, you must become a member, go for this simple registration procedure.

2. What currency do you accept?

We only use the payment system Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Also, if you are not registered, please register on the official website Perfect Money

3. How many deposit's to the system, I can do?

You can make an unlimited number of deposits in the amount of $ 10 to $ 1,000. Each contribution will be considered separate.

4. I forgot my password, what do I do?

Link to reset your password will be sent to your e - mail specified at registration.

5. I requested a password recovery, but the letter did not come.

First, make the correctness of the data entered. If the data is correct, check the section spamming your inbox.

6. How many accounts can I have in the system?

You can have any number of accounts of non referral link.

7. As payments are made to your system?

All withdraw are made automatically and immediately (instant), 5% komission of the amount.

8. How can I invite partners?

In our project, there are 7% referral system to attract investors. Referral links and banner ads you can find in the ads.

9. What can I do with the referral accruals?

You can display them automatically to your account or invest in the project, but the amount of investment must be at least $ 10.

10. Can I make Reinvest from your account?

Yes, as a personal account, under deposit, pay with internal balance.

11. If my referral made ​​a deposit with the internal balance, do I get referral rewards?

No referral fee is paid only if the deposit was made from the account of the payment system.