• New features!

    We took care of a long term project, developing a unique system that allows you to earn money without effort. Using the latest types of protection, the implementation is the degree of protection of user accounts, making part safe.

  • Referral program!

    To attract the maximum number of users has been developed 7% referral program. Now you get a bonus for your deposits downstream partners - instantly!

  • Deposits and Withdraw!

    All operations in the project are made automatically and instantly! You do not need to wait for enrollment deposit or withraw for a long time - it instantly! The project uses two most popular payment system.



  1. Participant can be anybody who has reached the age of majority. Register online and further cooperation is completely voluntary decision of the party.
  2. After completing the registration process, each user becomes a full participant, fully accepts all the conditions, agrees to abide by all the rules of the project.
  3. The information on this site are recommendations only. Responsibility for any use and the consequences of this lies with the party.
  4. Investment in the project, the participant shall, on its own initiative, and thus responsible for the consequences of lying on it.
  5. If the party is investing money in the project, and it is contrary to the law of the country of his nationality, the responsibility for the consequences is only on it.
  6. The project is an investment in the case when the input of new investment, the project will be shut down without payment of deposit of the participants.
  7. The participant has the right to create online many account, non-referral link. In case of detection of a few accounts they will be locked without the right to withdrawal.
  8. The participant has the right to invite the cooperation of his friends, acquaintances, this site implemented a referral program.
  9. Participants are strongly encouraged to ensure the full protection of their personal data. Use this license for antivirus programs, and when creating a password, use the complex combination of letters, numbers and characters (the simpler the password you use, the easier the fraudsters to crack it and get access to your funds).
  10. Participant can receive technical support, in the event of a question or a difficult situation.
  11. Payments are made - automatically (Instant).
  12. Project administration reserves the right to unilaterally apply to the party appropriate sanctions for violation of these rules, namely to close an account party, with all the available funds in the account.
  13. Administration undertakes its part to ensure privacy of personal data of the participants of the project and should not disclose them to third parties.
  14. Project administration reserves the right to unilaterally without the consent of the participants to make changes or additions to this document.

  15. Read this document. In case you do not agree with any of the items, you should not become a party to Sunny -, as well as recorded.